Jordanian Army Claims Victory in Eliminating Drug and Weapons Smugglers from Syria

The Jordanian army reported that a number of drug and weapons smugglers were killed in clashes along the northern border with Syria. The army had been pursuing the smugglers, who had crossed into Jordan under the cover of heavy fog. Air strikes were launched in Syria against suspected warehouses and hideouts of Iranian-backed drug smugglers. The army has intensified its campaign against drug dealers following clashes with armed infiltrators from Syria last month. Jordanian officials and Western allies accuse Lebanon’s Hezbollah group and other pro-Iranian militias of being behind the surge in drug and weapons smuggling. Iran and Hezbollah deny these allegations, while Syria denies complicity with Iranian-backed militias. Syria is considered the main center of the multi-billion-dollar drug trade in the region, with Jordan being a key transit route for Syrian-made drugs to the Gulf states.