Jordanian Jets Carry Out Strikes on Iran-Linked Drug Dealers in Syria, According to Report

Jordanian planes carried out a quartet of airstrikes inside Syria on Tuesday for the second time in a week targeting suspected drug smugglers, according to regional intelligence sources. Jordan has stepped up its fight against drug dealers after a recent clash with individuals tied to pro-Iranian militias who were bringing large amounts of drugs, weapons, and explosives into the country from Syria. Jordan and its allies have accused Hezbollah and other pro-Iranian militias controlling southern Syria of the recent surge in smuggling. Iran and Hezbollah have dismissed these allegations as a Western conspiracy against Syria, which denies any complicity with Iran-backed militia. The airstrikes, confirmed by Syrian newsportal Suwayda 24, targeted drug dealers in the towns of Shaab and Amarn and a farm near the village of Malah. Similar strikes were carried out in Sweida last Thursday. Jordan is reportedly focusing on farms where drugs are stored before being smuggled and the homes and hideouts of known drug dealers. Unconfirmed reports indicated three people killed, including a prominent local drug dealer. US military aid has been promised to Jordan to improve security amid the country’s escalating war on drug dealers. The illicit drug trade in Syria is reported to finance pro-Iranian militias and pro-government paramilitary forces, and it serves as a key transit route for a Syrian-made amphetamine called captagon.