Jordanian Military Detects Unusual Aerial Activities Close to Syrian Border

In an unusual incident, the Jordanian Armed Forces scrambled jets this week to confront an “unknown” aerial activity on Monday.

The jets were sent up after radar detected the potential threat. It was not clear if this was a response to a drone threat or some other type of “activity.” The incident occurred in Jordan’s northern region, bordering Syria.

This could be a routine event. However, a drone launched by Iranian-backed militias in Iraq killed three Americans in late January in Jordan. Drug smugglers in Syria have also used drones, often linked to Iranian-backed militias.

Various countries have reported unknown aerial phenomena in recent years. The Jordan Armed Forces activated the jets as a standard security protocol to ensure airspace integrity. After checks, the air force confirmed airspace safety with no threats identified.

Jordanian soldiers guard the border crossing in Mafraq, Jordan, near the Syria border, July 1, 2018. (credit: REUTERS/MUHAMMAD HAMED)

Jordan requested to stop false reporting until confirming the incident

Jordan urged people to stop spreading rumors. The unidentified threat fueled rumor-mongering. Media reports claimed the planes flew over Irbid in northern Jordan, near the Syrian border.