Jordan’s Prime Minister Calls on US to Lead Efforts to Stop Gaza Violence

The United States and other top powers must use their influence with Israel to end the ongoing “carnage” in Gaza, according to Jordan’s Prime Minister, Bisher al Khasawaneh, who has been highly critical of Israel’s actions. He emphasized the need for international diplomacy and influence to secure a ceasefire, and called on American partners to intervene and pressure Israel to stop the violence. Khasawaneh also highlighted the public’s concerns in the West and the impact on the international rules-based system. He also pointed out that Israel and the United States are at odds regarding the establishment of a Palestinian state. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has made efforts to broker peace in the region, but progress has been difficult due to the long-standing conflict. Additionally, US Democrats have urged President Joe Biden’s administration to oppose the displacement of Palestinians from Gaza and provide clarification on the administration’s humanitarian funding request. The United States provides significant military assistance to Israel, and there have been calls to reevaluate this support in light of the conflict. These developments reflect the growing concern over the situation in Gaza and the need for a peaceful resolution.