Kataib Hezbollah commander killed in Baghdad drone strike on vehicle

In Baghdad, a drone attack on Wednesday night resulted in the death of at least one person, according to security sources. The city experienced a series of loud blasts in rapid succession. One source reported that the attack killed a Kataib Hezbollah commander, while another claimed that three individuals were killed in the strike, targeting a vehicle utilized by Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Forces. These forces are associated with multiple armed groups, many of which have ties to Iran. The strike took place in the eastern Mashtal neighborhood, as per the sources. Iraq has been embroiled in retaliatory attacks between hardline Iran-backed armed groups and US forces since the Gaza war began in October. In January, a US drone strike killed a senior militia commander in central Baghdad, in response to previous drone and rocket attacks on US forces. At the time of the recent strike, US officials had not yet provided a comment.