Landmark Moment: Saudi Arabia Set to Open Its First Diplomatic Alcohol Store

Saudi Arabia is preparing to open its first alcohol store in Riyadh for non-Muslim diplomats, as part of the Saudi Crown Prince’s efforts to open the country for tourism and business. The store will be located in the Diplomatic Quarter and will serve only non-Muslims. Customers will have to register through a mobile app and respect monthly quotas. This move is part of the wider Vision 2030 plan to build a post-oil economy in Saudi Arabia. The store is expected to open in the coming weeks. There are strict laws against drinking alcohol in Saudi Arabia, with punishments including deportation, fines, and imprisonment. Alcohol has only been available through diplomatic mail or the black market. The Saudi government has confirmed new restrictions on alcohol imports within diplomatic consignments to counter illicit trade. The statement did not address the planned alcohol store but said the new framework respected international diplomatic conventions. Saudi Arabia has relaxed strict social codes in recent years, such as segregation of men and women in public places and requiring women to wear all-covering black robes. Vision 2030 aims to develop local industries and logistics hubs and add hundreds of thousands of jobs for Saudi nationals.