Landslide Victory: Sisi Secures Third Term as Egypt’s President with 89.6% of Votes

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has secured a third six-year term after winning 89.6% of the votes in a recent election. The election, which took place amid economic struggles and concerns about the war in Gaza, saw Sisi facing no significant challengers. Despite the lack of serious contenders, turnout was reported to be 66.8%, higher than the previous presidential election. Critics, however, have accused Sisi of using state apparatus and security agencies to prevent any genuine competition. Since coming to power in 2013, Sisi has been criticized for cracking down on dissent and amending the constitution to allow for extended terms. His supporters highlight infrastructure development and improved security, while critics point to human rights abuses and a lack of genuine political pluralism. Many Egyptians expressed indifference about the election, while reports of voter coercion and incentives have raised concerns about the integrity of the electoral process.