Lebanese Journalist Faces Warrant After Interviewing IDF Spokesperson

A Lebanese military prosecutor has issued a warrant against journalist Layal Alekhtiar after her interview with IDF spokesperson Avichay Adraee on al-Arabiya last month, Alekhtiar said on Thursday. Alekhtiar stated that individuals “affiliated with Hezbollah, under disguised names” had filed a complaint against her after the interview.

She described the warrant as “blatant political persecution” and stated that she will not be intimidated. Alekhtiar also emphasized that she is Lebanese and Arab, and her freedom and dignity will not be compromised. She has been advised not to return to Lebanon due to the threats against her.

A group of journalists, including Syrian News Channel’s Hussein Mortada, filed a lawsuit against Alekhtiar, alleging that she violated Lebanese laws by contacting enemy officials. The lawsuit referred to al-Arabiya as “the Hebrew channel” and labeled Alekhtiar as a “Zionist” and a non-journalist.

In response to the threats, Alekhtiar has remained in Dubai and has not returned to Lebanon. She emphasized that her actions were part of her professional duty and expressed concern for the safety of those who have spoken out against Hezbollah.