Middle Eastern Activist Dalia Ziada Speaks Out Against Hamas

Dalia Ziada, an Egyptian writer and civil rights activist, is actively voicing her opposition to Islamists and expressing her support for Israel. She believes that Israel is leading the fight against terrorism in the Middle East, representing the interests of the entire region. Ziada, who serves as the executive director of the Center for Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean Studies (MEEM) and as the founding chair of the Liberal Democracy Institute, made a stand against the Hamas attack on October 7 and faced severe backlash and threats in Egypt as a result.

Due to the escalating situation, Ziada chose to flee to the United States for safety. She emphasizes the importance of combating terrorism in the region, including groups like Hezbollah, Houthis, and Iran’s proxies. Ziada stresses the need for Arab countries to recognize this threat and take action against it. Despite facing personal risks, she remains dedicated to advocating for Middle Eastern issues and pushing for a united front against terrorism.

Prior to the October 7 attack, Ziada was in Washington discussing Eastern Mediterranean affairs at the Atlantic Council. She was optimistic about the region’s prospects for normalization and reconciliation, particularly concerning relationships between Egypt, Israel, Turkey, and other countries. However, the Hamas attack drastically shifted the narrative and exposed the brutal nature of terrorism.

Ziada’s efforts to shed light on the truth of the October 7 incident faced intense social media backlash from radical Islamists and even Egyptian authorities. She was accused of threatening national security, spying for the Mossad, and committing treason, potentially resulting in severe consequences. Despite losing everything she had built in Egypt, including her family and belongings, Ziada remains committed to her cause.

As a vocal advocate for civil rights, Ziada stands firmly against Hamas and other terrorist organizations, emphasizing the importance of justice and accountability. She believes that improving relations with Israel benefits both nations and contributes to a better quality of life for their citizens. Ziada’s unwavering determination to speak out against injustice underscores her resilience in the face of adversity.