Middle Eastern Nations Come Together to Aid Gaza Civilians

Arab Countries Help Gaza’s Civilians Amid War

Key Arab countries continue to help Gaza’s civilians amid the war. Since the beginning of the conflict, these countries have been stepping up to aid those in need. Jordan has conducted air drops over Gaza, while the UAE has established a field hospital. Saudi Arabia has also sent 33 planes with aid for the people of Gaza.

The recent flight from Riyadh to Al-Arish in Egypt, operated by KSrelief, carried 18 tons of medical supplies for the people in the besieged Gaza Strip. In addition, more than 100 cancer patients and wounded Palestinians from Gaza have arrived in Abu Dhabi for medical treatment.

The patients were tended to by a team of about 40 people from different UAE government departments, as well as Etihad cabin crew. Jordan also has a field hospital in Gaza, providing crucial services to the victims of the ongoing Israeli bombing. The hospital has attended to 8,492 cases, conducting minor and major surgeries, and extending care to premature infants.

The efforts of the Jordanian field hospital underscore the dedication to alleviating the immense suffering endured by families in the Gaza Strip. Meanwhile, the King of Jordan recently met with the head of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff to discuss means to bolster defense and military cooperation, regional developments, and regional and international efforts to counter terrorism within a holistic approach.

The importance of air drops in this conflict was highlighted as Jordan’s Princess Salma Bint Abdullah II took part in the Kingdom’s fifth air drop of supplies to Gaza. Israel has also used an airdrop to supply its 98th division in Khan Yunis. Arab countries continue to play a significant role in providing support to Gaza’s civilians during the war.