Netanyahu’s Exclusive Team and Mossad Leaders Spearheading Normalization Efforts

Recent discussions between Mossad and top foreign affairs advisers to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu indicate that relations have improved compared to the drama surrounding the 2020 Abraham Accords. The current negotiations involving Strategic Affairs Minister Ron Dermer and Mossad Director David Barnea are perceived as more collaborative and less contentious.

In particular, Dermer is taking the lead in managing negotiations with the United States, leveraging his deep understanding of American politics and close relationship with Netanyahu. Meanwhile, Barnea has played a critical role in sustaining interest in a deal with Saudi Arabia and navigating tensions between Israel, the Palestinians, and other Arab nations.

National Security Council Chief Tzahi Hanegbi is actively coordinating with Netanyahu, demonstrating a united effort to reach a mutually beneficial agreement. Despite differing roles and responsibilities, officials are working to avoid internal conflicts and instead focus on advancing common interests and strategic objectives.

Potential normalization efforts with Saudi Arabia may face obstacles due to the complex political landscape in the United States. Under a possible Trump administration, achieving a bipartisan agreement may prove challenging, and Democrats may be hesitant to support an arrangement without a final resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Nevertheless, the collaboration between Israeli officials reflects a departure from past tensions and suggests a more unified approach to achieving diplomatic breakthroughs. While partnerships between Mossad and other stakeholders may evolve, the collective dedication to advancing Israeli interests remains unwavering.