New President Raisi: Iran Will Not Initiate War but Will Retaliate Against Aggressors

Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi stated that Iran will not initiate a war but will respond strongly to any attempts to bully the country. This statement comes after the US mentioned plans to attack Iranian sites in Iraq and Syria, following the death of three US soldiers in a strike by an Iranian-backed group in Jordan.

There has been speculation about potential US retaliation, with CBS News reporting that the US had approved plans for multi-day strikes in Iraq and Syria against Iranian personnel and facilities in those countries.

Raisi emphasized that Iran does not seek war, but warned of a strong response to any form of aggression. He also highlighted the shifting rhetoric from the US, noting that they previously threatened military action and now claim they have no intention of conflict with Iran.

Furthermore, Raisi emphasized that Iran’s military power in the region serves to ensure security and is not a threat to any country. Additionally, sources have revealed that Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards are withdrawing senior officers from Syria. Iranian advisers are involved with armed groups in both Iraq and Syria, where the US maintains troop presence.

The tension between the US and Iran continues to escalate, with both countries engaging in military maneuvers and strategic positioning. The situation remains fluid, with the potential for further escalation or diplomatic efforts to ease the tensions.