Only Baby Held Captive in Gaza as Others Released in Israel-Hamas Agreement

The10-month-old Kfir Bibas spent over 50 days in captivity after being seized by Hamas alongside his parents and brother, leading to an Israeli military offensive. His extended family is pleading with the Israeli government to help secure their release as part of a truce deal between Israel and Hamas. Israel claims that Kfir and his family have been handed over to another Palestinian terrorist group, complicating efforts to free them. Hamas has released some hostages as part of the truce, but the whereabouts and conditions of the remaining hostages, including Kfir and his family, are unknown. Israel holds Hamas responsible for the family’s wellbeing, and their extended family expressed their deep distress at the situation. The family’s plight has captured the attention of the public, with one cousin describing them as “simple people who thought they were going to live in heaven” before the seizure.