Outrage from Hamas and the Arab World: Argentina Criticized as ‘Partner of Zionist Occupiers’

Argentine president Javier Milei’s visit to Israel was a subject of interest among Arabic-speaking outlets due to his arrival at Ben Gurion Airport aboard an Israeli El Al airplane and his pledge to move his country’s embassy from Tel Aviv to the capital Jerusalem. Hamas strongly condemned the announcement, calling it an infringement on the rights of the Palestinian people and a violation of international law. The Palestinian Authority has not yet commented on the issue. Some commenters criticized Milei’s fondness of Judaism and accused him of complicity with Israel’s alleged wrongdoings. Meanwhile, others made reference to historical Jewish colonies in Argentina and speculated about the reasons behind Milei’s decision. Some comments also included conspiracy theories and calls to mobilize against Argentina. Parody and irony were also present in social media responses to Milei’s decision, with some users poking fun at the situation.