Pakistan Accuses Iran of Violating Airspace and Causing the Deaths of Two Children

Pakistan accused Iran of violating its airspace and causing the death of two children, hours after Iranian state media reported that missiles targeted bases belonging to the militant group Jaish al Adl on Tuesday. Islamabad issued a statement from its foreign office spokesperson warning of “serious consequences” and calling the incident “completely unacceptable.” Iran’s foreign ministry did not immediately respond. The Iranian Revolutionary Guards had launched attacks in Iraq and Syria on Monday. Jaish al Adl has previously carried out attacks on Iranian security forces in the border area with Pakistan. Iranian media reported that the attacked bases were in Pakistan’s Balochistan province. Pakistan lodged a protest with Tehran and called the head of the Iranian mission in Islamabad to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The responsibility for the consequences was placed on Iran, despite the existence of communication channels with the country. The Pakistani military’s public relations wing did not provide immediate comment.