Provocative Move: Houthis Attack Israel-Bound Ship Amid Moscow’s Alignment with Iran

The Houthis attacked a Norwegian tanker delivering crude oil to an Israeli terminal. This comes as Moscow strengthens ties with Tehran. The Russian and Iranian Foreign Ministers discussed a new treaty. Iran’s President visited Moscow earlier this month which led to closer military alliance. Israel is concerned about the cooperation between Russia and Iran. The attacked tanker was actually delivering biofuel feedstock to Italy, but a tentative Israeli port call was scheduled. Iran-backed Houthi forces were responsible for the attack, prompting Israel to deploy a warship. The US Navy assisted the tanker and condemned the Houthi actions. The Houthis are intervening in the Israel-Hamas conflict, targeting ships heading to Israel’s ports. Iranian Foreign Minister discussed opposition to the Gaza war with Chinese and Turkish counterparts. He stated that a political solution is needed in the conflict. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called for Muslim states to cut political ties with Israel. This has resulted in a deadly conflict with many casualties. Israel and Iran are at the center of the conflict.