Report: Authorities in Tehran Metro Conduct Bag and Phone Searches for Hijab Compliance

The Iranian Jamaran news site reported on Tuesday that plainclothes hijab enforcers have been conducting searches on citizens at Tehran’s Theatr-E Shahr metro station. They have been filming citizens, looking through their phones, photographing mobile registry codes, and searching their bags. According to the report, these actions violate citizenship and fundamental rights. It also questioned the legality of police officers conducting searches without a warrant and implementing orders from higher authorities.

In recent months, plainclothes agents known as “hijabban” have been seen in Tehran metro stations enforcing hijab laws. Despite claims that they were not connected to the government, there is evidence of coordination by the Interior Ministry.

After protests swept Iran following the killing of Mahsa Amini, there was a temporary relaxation of hijab law enforcement, but Iranian officials have since renewed their crackdown on women not wearing hijab. This crackdown includes new measures such as the use of surveillance cameras to enforce hijab laws.

Despite the crackdown, Iranian women have increasingly been seen in public without hijab. Recently, a professor and surgeon was fired from a university for attending an award ceremony without wearing a hijab. The surgeon was forced to apologize in a video after being detained, beaten, and threatened by intelligence department agents.