Report reveals undisclosed connections between influential US think tank and Iran regime

A report from Iran International states that the International Crisis Group, a Washington-based think tank that played a role in the United States’ nuclear deal with Iran, has undisclosed connections with Iran’s Foreign Ministry. The report claims that the Islamic Republic has used the experts from the Crisis Group to lobby the US government on its behalf. The connections between the two entities run through Iran’s in-house think tank, the Institute for Political and International Studies (IPIS). The Crisis Group and IPIS signed a memorandum of understanding in 2016. The report also states that the Crisis Group has given recommendations to the Obama, Trump, and Biden administrations on Iran and the US Congress, but never made public its agreement with the Iranian foreign ministry or mentioned its close ties with Iranian officials. However, the Crisis Group denies any wrongdoing and asserts that their coordination with Iran’s Foreign Ministry was only a part of their research and due diligence process. They point to a pattern of criticism from the Iranian government and media as evidence that the report selectively translated correspondence between the analysts and Iranian officials.