Saudi Arabia Urges US to Exercise Caution in Response to Houthi Ship Attacks in Red Sea

Saudi Arabia has requested the United States to exercise restraint in responding to attacks by Yemen’s Houthis against ships in the Red Sea. The Iran-aligned Houthis have become involved in the conflict that has spread throughout the Middle East, attacking vessels in crucial shipping lanes and launching drones and missiles at Israel. The group claims that its attacks are in support of the Palestinians and has vowed to continue until Israel halts its offensive on the Gaza Strip. The Houthis, as part of the Iran-aligned “Axis of Resistance,” have been targeting Israeli and US interests since the beginning of the conflict. These attacks have raised concerns about the stability of the region and the safety of important sea lanes. Saudi Arabia, as the world’s leading oil exporter, has expressed concern about the Houthi missiles being fired over its territory. Riyadh has urged Washington to show restraint in its response to the attacks and is content with how the United States is handling the situation. The Saudi government has also been seeking a ceasefire to end the conflict in Gaza. Riyadh hopes to promote regional stability and is actively involved in peace talks with the Houthis in Yemen. The Houthis have emerged as a significant military force and have carried out their attacks as a means of pressuring Washington to end the Gaza war. The United States and Britain have condemned the attacks on shipping and have accused Iran of supporting the Houthis. In response to the attacks, a US Navy destroyer shot down three drones that were targeting commercial vessels. The Pentagon has emphasized the need for restraint and has not confirmed any plans for retaliation against the Houthis. Iran has denied any involvement in the attacks and has expressed a desire for restraint in the region.