Saudi Arabia’s Stance: No Diplomatic Ties with Israel Until Resolution for Palestine

The Saudi foreign ministry stated on Wednesday that it has informed the US that Saudi Arabia will not establish diplomatic relations with Israel until an independent Palestinian state is recognized on the 1967 borders with east Jerusalem and Israeli “aggression” on the Gaza Strip stops. This reaffirmation of the Saudi position comes in response to comments from White House National Security spokesperson John Kirby, who indicated that Saudi Arabia and Israel are willing to continue normalization discussions. The idea of formalizing ties between Israel and Saudi Arabia has been under discussion since the Saudis gave their quiet approval to the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain establishing ties with Israel in 2020. However, Saudi Arabia put US-backed plans to normalize ties with Israel on hold in October 2023, as the conflict between Hamas and Israeli forces escalated. Israel’s military offensive in Gaza was launched after Hamas terrorists killed 1,200 people and took 253 hostages in southern Israel on October 7.