Striving for Objectivity: Media Bias and Its Impact on Moroccan-Israeli Relations

Israel and Morocco relations are facing challenges due to the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. However, the ties between the two countries remain strong, with Rabat aiming to mitigate public polarization, support peace, and maintain its relationship with Israel. According to Einat Levi, a strategic advisor on Israeli-Moroccan relations, the war has setback tourism and posed challenges. She also pointed out the impact of media coverage on public opinion in both countries, with limited coverage of the hardships faced by Israeli society in Morocco. Mouna Izddine, a Moroccan journalist, confirmed that the media coverage is affecting the Moroccan perspective, highlighting the biased portrayal of the conflict. Despite these challenges, Levi believes that Morocco’s unique position could present an opportunity for regional and bilateral collaboration after the war concludes. Ultimately, the normalization agreement between Israel and Morocco, initiated by the US, has created a solid base for the two countries’ relationship.