Suspected Israeli Airstrikes Reportedly Hit Syrian Airport Close to Damascus

Reports by Syrian media suggest that Syrian air defenses were activated in response to alleged Israeli airstrikes targeting the Damascus area on Friday afternoon. Initial reports indicated that the strikes targeted the Mezzeh Military Airport. This comes shortly after alleged Israeli airstrikes in Homs, where several casualties were reported.

The airstrikes in Homs reportedly targeted a logistics complex with warehouses and a parking lot for vehicles, a crucial site for Iranian militias. Notably, a member of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) was killed in alleged Israeli airstrikes targeting a site south of Damascus just a week prior to the recent strikes.

The Iranian Entekhab news site identified the killed IRGC member as Saeed Alidadi, with the strikes targeting Aqraba, south of Damascus. This escalation of tensions comes amid ongoing conflict in the region.