The Critical Importance of the Nile: Perspectives from the Arab Press

The article discusses the strained relations between Egypt and Ethiopia over the construction of the Renaissance Dam. It highlights the historical cooperation between the two countries in the past and criticizes Ethiopia’s refusal to negotiate or comply with international water-sharing agreements. The article suggests that negotiations have become nearly impossible and advocates for Egypt to explore alternative forms of resolution.

The next article discusses the benefits of international scholarship programs and the impact they have on educational and cultural exchanges. It emphasizes the importance of Saudi Arabia establishing its own scholarship program to welcome foreign professionals across various fields of study.

The third article analyzes Tucker Carlson’s interview with Russian President Putin, arguing that journalists should engage with individuals they disagree with or dislike. It delves into the ideological clash between isolationists and internationalists and the impact of Carlson’s isolationist views.

The final article discusses the rise of Dr. Nawaf Salam to the presidency of the International Court of Justice. It highlights the lack of support from the United States and its allies and analyzes the reasons behind Washington’s decision.