The Iranian Regime’s Involvement in the Deadly Blast at Soleimani’s Grave: A Perspective

The ayatollahs in Iran seem to have derived their latest screenplay from the Bible, considering the recent twin blast that occurred in Kerman, near the grave of Qasem Soleimani. The explosions, which coincided with the anniversary of Soleimani’s death, killed 100 Iranians and wounded more than 200. The Islamic regime initially blamed Israel for the attack, but ISIS later claimed responsibility. However, Iranians ridiculed this notion, as the regime manipulates facts to its advantage.

The timing of the bombings is crucial, as they occurred 40 days before the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution. Many Iranians believe that the regime orchestrated the blasts to lay the groundwork for future terror attacks around the world. The regime used the memorial for Soleimani to stir up protests against Israel and legitimize planned attacks against Israeli and Jewish targets.

Following the explosions, the regime sought to deceive Iranians and trigger anger, much like their previous tactic of setting fire to a cinema in 1978 to blame the Shah. The regime has a history of spilling innocent blood for their own gain, as seen in other events such as the downing of Ukrainian Air Flight 752.

Dr. Mehdi Ahmadinejad, the director of a major hospital, unintentionally revealed the regime’s involvement in the attacks, further solidifying the claims that the regime orchestrated the bombings. The regime is preparing to capitalize on the 40th day after the anniversary of the Iranian Revolution to spread lies about their support among Iranians.

In conclusion, Iranians understand the regime’s tactics and manipulation, and they see through the regime’s attempts to use fake news and propaganda. The recent bombings are just another example of the regime’s cruel and evil acts, which Iranians have suffered from for decades.