The Significance of Establishing a Maritime Security Force in the Red Sea: An In-depth Analysis

According to reports, a new task force called Operation Prosperity Guardian may be formed in the Red Sea. This task force is an international effort to address the threats posed by Iran-backed Houthi attacks, which have been targeting commercial ships in the region. The attacks have escalated, prompting shipping companies to alter their operations. For example, the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) and other major shipping companies have diverted their ships away from the Red Sea due to the increased threat of attacks.

The USS Carney and the British warship HMS Diamond have intercepted drones in the Red Sea, and several shipping companies have suspended their operations in the region. The Houthi attacks have not only affected Israel-linked ships but have also impacted global shipping companies.

The recent escalation in attacks has prompted discussions on expanding the existing Combined Task Force 153, which currently has 39 member nations, to enhance maritime navigation security in the region. This development comes as top US defense officials are considering options to respond to the recent Houthi attacks. Additionally, the USS Dwight Eisenhower aircraft carrier and strike group are in the Gulf of Aden in response to the escalating situation in the Red Sea.