The US and Britain make retaliatory strikes on Yemen following Houthi attacks on shipping.

US and British warplanes launched attacks across Yemen against Houthi forces in retaliation for months of attacks on Red Sea shipping that the Iran-backed fighters cast as a response to the war in Gaza. Witnesses confirmed explosions at military bases near airports in the capital Sanaa and Yemen’s third city Taiz, a naval base at Yemen’s main Red Sea port Hodeidah, and military sites in the coastal Hajjah governorate. White House spokesperson John Kirby said the strikes targeted the Houthis’ ability to store, launch, and guide missiles or drones. The US military said 60 targets in 28 locations had been hit using more than 150 munitions. The price of Brent crude oil rose more than $2 on concern that supplies could be disrupted, before later giving up half its gain. Commercial ship tracking data showed at least nine oil tankers stopping or diverting from the Red Sea. Carmakers Tesla and Volvo, owned by China’s Geely, said delays to parts shipments from Asia had forced them to suspend some production in Germany and Belgium respectively. The strikes were defended as legal under international law.