The West’s Focus on Israel’s War in Gaza: A Distraction from Iran’s Nuclear Threat?

Everything has turned on its head with Iran and its nuclear threat. Leaks of the IAEA’s upcoming reports on Iran’s nuclear program have indicated nuclear violations by the Islamic Republic. Progress reached new highs, and Iran has also unleashed its proxies – Hamas, Hezbollah, and Yemen Houthi, but European diplomats are hesitant to confront them due to Operation Swords of Iron. Iran has built up Hamas to carry out an attack on Southern Israel and has ordered its proxies to attack US forces. The EU is concerned that confronting Iran might cause instability, but it seems Iran has already played all of its cards. IAEA chief Rafael Grossi sounded the alarm on Iran’s nuclear capabilities on October 16, saying that the world must prevent a situation like North Korea from happening in Iran. The leaked report indicates Iran’s withdrawal of experienced Agency inspectors and their continued high-level uranium enrichment. The distraction of the current Israel-Gaza war has blindsided officials, and Western officials are losing their determination. Now is the time for unflappable fortitude, and Mossad must keep an eye on any Iranian attempts to sneak out to a nuclear weapon.