Turkish Airstrikes Target Water and Power Infrastructure in Northeast Syria

Turkey conducted airstrikes on electricity and oil infrastructure in Syria’s Kurdish-held northeast, leading to several power stations being put out of service. At least 40 sites, including power stations, water pumping stations, and oil infrastructure, were hit in Turkish shelling over the past two days. The strikes resulted in at least 10 border towns losing access to power and water. Syrian state television confirmed the airstrikes, reporting that a Turkish drone hit the Dirbasiyah power station and that Turkish air bombardment hit a power transfer station in Qamishli. Two water stations were also affected. The clashes were part of Turkey’s military campaigns against the Kurdish YPG, which it regards as a wing of the PKK terrorist group. The defense ministry confirmed airstrikes in northern Iraq and northern Syria, targeting caves, shelters, and depots, as well as a natural gas production facility. The strikes were in response to the killing of nine Turkish soldiers in a clash with the PKK. Turkey’s National Intelligence Agency also launched strikes on PKK and YPG targets in Syria, including military bases and critical infrastructure facilities used for financing the PKK. The repeated strikes have caused fear among residents, with one individual expressing concern for their children’s safety after the recent attacks.