Turkish lawyer arrested for speaking out against sharia law

Turkish lawyer Feyza Altun was detained after criticizing Islamic law, known as Sharia, on social media, local media reports.

In one of her posts, Altun wrote “f*** sharia” in response to a Persian poem, the Stockholm Center for Freedom (SCF) reported.

The post sparked an online campaign to have Altun arrested under the hashtag #feyzaaltuntutuklansın” (Feyza Altun should be arrested.)

Altun faced backlash with threats of violence and becoming a concubine following the post, she shared in front of the court, BalkanInsight reported.

Why was the post deemed criminal?

The arrest was made under Article 216 of the Turkish Penal Code (TCK), which governs incitement of enmity or hatred towards a protected social group, including a religious one, SCF stated.

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Altun defended her post, stating, “I have never written anything offensive about any belief. I stand against enforcing Sharia and believe in modern secular law in this country.”

She also dispelled rumors about drinking ‘raki’, an alcoholic drink prohibited in Islam, when police arrived at her home for the arrest.

“I have given my statement and will not make further comments at this time,” she said. “There was a misunderstanding about the raki incident that I clarified.”