UN Special Envoy Facilitates Commitment to Ceasefire Steps by Warring Factions in Yemen

The UN Special Envoy for Yemen stated that both the Saudi-backed Yemeni government and Iran-aligned Houthis have agreed to take steps towards a ceasefire. This is a significant milestone in the conflict, which has caused immense suffering for the Yemeni people. The ceasefire roadmap includes commitments from both sides to improve living conditions, resume oil exports, pay public sector salaries, and ease restrictions on key infrastructure such as Sanaa Airport and the Hudaydah port. The Saudi-led military coalition intervened in Yemen over eight years ago, and a permanent ceasefire would be a major step towards stabilizing the region. The UN Special Envoy expressed his appreciation for the roles played by Saudi Arabia and Oman in the peace process and called for all parties to show restraint and create a conducive environment for dialogue and agreement.