Uncertainty Surrounds Arrest of Shifa Hospital Chief by Israel


remained unsuccessful at obtaining information from the IDF legal division, the Shin Bet, the Justice Ministry, and the police related to Gaza City Shifa Hospital Director Muhammad Abu Salmiya’s status. Unofficially, it was hinted by some sources that he remains in Shin Bet custody. Although the IDF and the Shin Bet announced his arrest on November 23, no official update has been provided since then. In Israeli civilian courts, the state generally must file an indictment within a certain number of days to justify keeping a suspect in detention. In cases involving security crimes, the Shin Bet could keep someone in detention for up to months. Salmiya, however, has not been accused of such crimes. While it was reported that Israel extended the director’s detention for an additional 45 days, there has been no official confirmation of this from any Israeli office.

The director reportedly faces allegations of “aiding the enemy during wartime and providing service to terror organizations.” Potential charges could include aiding and abetting terrorism without being a member of a terror group. Salmiya may also be pressured by the Shin Bet to provide intelligence information, and if he cooperates, he could be released with no charges. However, the report of his arrest drew heavy global criticism. Overall, the status and potential charges against Salmiya remain uncertain.