Unconfirmed Israeli airstrike kills four IRGC commanders, says Iranian media

Four members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards were alleged to have been killed in an Israeli air strike on Damascus on Saturday, including a senior figure in its information unit, according to a security source in the regional pro-Syrian alliance. The strike, which the source said used precision-guided missiles, flattened a multi-story building in the neighborhood of Mazzeh in the Syrian capital. The security source, part of a network of groups close to Syria’s government and its major ally Iran, claimed that the multi-story building was used by Iranian advisers supporting President Bashar al-Assad’s government and that it was entirely flattened by “precision-targeted Israeli missiles.” There has been no immediate confirmation from Israel.

According to Essam Al-Amin, head of the Al-Mowasat Hospital in Damascus, his hospital received one corpse and three wounded people, including a woman, following Saturday’s attack. A spokesman for the Palestinian Islamic Jihad told Reuters that no members of their group were wounded in the strike, countering reports that some were at the bombed-out building.

Israel has a history of bombing Iran-linked targets in Syria and has recently shifted to deadlier strikes following an attack on Israel by terrorists of the Iranian-backed Palestinian Islamist group Hamas from Gaza. In December, Israeli strikes killed two Guards members, and another on Dec. 25 killed a senior adviser to the Guards overseeing military coordination between Syria and Iran.