Uncovered: Houthi’s Covert Plans to Relocate Missiles and Drones disclosed in Report

According to a new report, the Houthis are repositioning some of their missiles and drones after US and UK airstrikes. Al-Ain media in the United Arab Emirates has learned from “Yemen military sources” about this development. The report suggests that the Houthis are moving their drones and other munitions to carry out attacks and pose more challenges to shipping.

The report indicates that the Houthis’ arsenal is moving under the cover of darkness. This represents a new plan by the Houthis to carry out attacks against international shipping routes. The US Central Command confirmed that the US conducted strikes in Yemen in response to Houthi attacks against international shipping.

The report also mentions how the Houthis have moved medium-range ballistic missiles and drones to different areas in Yemen, following the American and British strikes that targeted various militia targets. The Houthis have also repositioned their weapons toward the coast to expand their area of operations and target western navies operating in the area.

The report reveals that the Houthis could begin attacking ships beyond the Red Sea, presenting a new challenge to the US and other countries trying to stop further Houthi attacks. The wider regional concerns in the Gulf about the Houthis choosing to escalate are also reflected in the report.

Overall, the report illustrates that the region is concerned about what the Iran-backed Houthis will do next, especially given Iran’s recent military actions in Iraq and Pakistan. This presents a serious challenge for the West and the freedom of the seas.