Unveiling Hamas’ display of Islamic Jihad’s impact in Gaza – a detailed analysis

The video footage released on Tuesday evening revealed the presence of Palestinian Islamic Jihad operatives in the handover of hostages by Hamas as part of a ceasefire deal in Gaza. The operatives were seen embracing their Hamas partners and walking with the hostages. This was meant to showcase the partnership between the two terrorist groups in Gaza, although PIJ has always been smaller and backed by Iran. The group has thousands of rockets and fighters in Gaza, and it’s not clear how it operates with Hamas. PIJ’s role has been noted in media reports and it has a large presence in Jenin in the West Bank. Israel has focused operations specifically on PIJ in Gaza and the West Bank. The Gaza ceasefire has seen daily events for propaganda, with Hamas increasingly using the hostage handovers to create a spectacle. The IDF, Shin Bet, and Border Police eliminated the commander of the Jenin branch of PIJ and another member in the West Bank.