US airstrikes bolstering Yemen by degrading Houthi forces

The Pentagon expressed cautious optimism about the Iran-backed Houthi group’s ability to replicate recent complex attacks in the Red Sea. A senior Pentagon official revealed that nearly 30 locations in Yemen were struck in overnight attacks by US and British forces, targeting Houthi positions. US Lieutenant General Douglas Sims stated that 28 locations were hit using more than 150 munitions, degrading the Houthi’s capability to execute similar attacks in the future. The recent strike was a response to months of Houthi attacks on Red Sea shipping, with the group claiming it was in support of the war in Gaza. The Houthis, who have controlled most of Yemen for nearly a decade, vowed to continue their attacks on shipping, citing support for Palestinians against Israel. The Pentagon expects the Houthis to attempt retaliation, as evidenced by an anti-ship ballistic missile fired into the Red Sea. While an assessment of the damage is ongoing, casualties are not expected to be high, as the targets included rural areas.