US and Egypt Seek Unique Leadership for Gaza after Israel-Hamas Conflict

According to reports, Egypt and the United States want Salam Fayyad to lead the government in Gaza after the Israel-Hamas war. It has been suggested that Cairo favors the establishment of a “government of technocrats” in the Gaza Strip after the collapse of Hamas’s rule. Fayyad is a veteran Palestinian politician and an economist by training, who has strong connections in the United States and is close to Mahmoud Abbas and the top of the Palestinian Authority. The United States government wants Israel to consider “the day after” the war in Gaza and will align its policies accordingly, including those related to Israel’s continued military operation within the Strip. There is a dispute between the Israeli government and the Biden administration as to who should assume control of Gaza after the war. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has stated that Israel will not allow the Palestinian Authority to govern the Gaza Strip, but Fayyad supports the idea of the “renewed Palestinian Authority” presented by US President Joe Biden. He published a “peace plan for Gaza” in the American magazine Foreign Affairs last month, stating that it may provide the best option for the day after the war and beyond if the Palestinian Authority is properly restored.