US Officials Report Decrease in Houthi Capacity Due to Strikes

The Pentagon states that the US is not at war with the Houthis and describes the attacks against the group as “defensive in nature.” According to spokesperson Sabrina Singh, the US forces have conducted five attacks against the militant group, with the most recent two airstrikes occurring in the last 24 hours. Singh emphasized that the US does not seek war with the Houthis, but will take self-defense actions if necessary to protect its troops and commercial shipping, as well as to ensure freedom of navigation through international waterways. The US has been successful in disrupting and destroying Houthi military capabilities in its recent strikes. Singh also stated that the US is committed to continuing these actions to deter the Houthis from attacking commercial shipping on the Red Sea. Additionally, the State Department has indicated that responses to the Houthis will be “case by case,” and coalition involvement in direct military action will vary accordingly.