US Sends Private Message to Iran Regarding Houthi Attacks, Says Biden

President Joe Biden stated that the US had conveyed a private message to Iran concerning Iran-backed Houthis, who were responsible for attacking commercial shipping in the Red Sea. He said, “We delivered it privately and we’re confident we’re well-prepared.” The Houthi movement threatened a “strong and effective response” after another US strike in Yemen, escalating tensions as Washington vows to protect shipping from attacks by the Iran-aligned group. The latest strike, hitting a radar site, came after dozens of American and British strikes on Houthi facilities in Yemen. White House spokesperson John Kirby mentioned that the initial strikes had impacted the Houthis’ ability to store, launch, and guide missiles or drones, which they have used to threaten shipping. Biden, whose administration removed the Houthis from the State Department’s list of “foreign terrorist organizations,” was asked by reporters if he felt the term “terrorist” still described the movement. “I think they are,” Biden said.