US Strikes 80 Iranian-Linked Targets in Iraq and Syria

The U.S. military implemented a retaliatory response against Iran with strikes at seven facilities across Iraq and Syria. Around 80 targets at four facilities in Iraq and three facilities in Syria were hit with 125 missiles within 30 minutes. The strikes targeted drone and rocket storage facilities as well as logistics facilities belonging to the Islamic Resistance in Iraq. The strikes were carried out using multiple types of aircraft, and imagery of the strikes is expected to be released. The number of Islamic militants killed or injured is unknown at this time. The White House emphasized that these actions were just the first of many expected in the coming days, but reiterated its statement of not seeking war with Iran. Multiple upcoming actions are expected to take place, with the goal of de-escalating tensions. The strikes come days after the Biden administration promised to hold accountable the groups responsible for the deaths of three American service members. President Joe Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden joined military leaders at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware for the dignified transfer of the three service members killed last weekend. The announcement of the strike came after Biden met with the families of the service members, but the White House maintained the timing of the strike was unrelated to the timing of the dignified transfers. The White House has not had any communication with Iran since the death of the three service members.