Warning: Hamas-connected website cautions Palestinians against aiding Israel

A Hamas-linked website warned against Palestinian cooperation with Israel for aid convoy security amid the Gaza war. Those who do so will be treated as collaborators, according to the Hamas Al-Majd security website citing a security official.

Israel reportedly considered arming Palestinians in Gaza for aid convoy protection post-war, prompting the warning. The Israeli Prime Minister’s office declined to comment on the reports following a deadly incident involving aid trucks in Gaza last week.

“The occupation’s attempt to communicate with Gaza leaders is seen as collaboration,” the website stated. It called Israel’s efforts in Gaza a “failed conspiracy.”

Palestinian militants attend Hamas rally Solidarity with Al-Aqsa in Jabalia, northern Gaza April 7, 2023 (credit: REUTERS/AARAFAT BARBAKH)

Civil order in Gaza, where police are reluctant to provide convoy security, poses challenges for aid distribution. Some Gaza clans are well-armed but unlikely to cooperate with Israel.

Hamas responded positively to plans for a sea corridor to send aid to Gaza. Senior Hamas official Basem Naim emphasized the need for international action to end the war and ensure humanitarian needs are met under international law.

Naim urged the US to facilitate a ceasefire and compel Israel to open crossings for aid entry. Providing for Gaza’s population is a right, he emphasized.