Yemen’s Frustration Grows as People and Leaders Grapple with Houthi Conflict

The deputy chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council in Yemen has raised concerns about the ongoing threats posed by the Houthi group in Yemen, as reported by an article in Al-Ain from the UAE.

Abd al-Rahman al-Mahrami, who has received support from the UAE in the past, addressed the current Houthi threat in Aden during a meeting with a UN envoy.

His remarks follow the recent incident where a ship was sunk in the Red Sea by a Houthi missile, and the continued attacks on ships by the group. He emphasized that the council’s tolerance for the Houthi militia’s violations is waning, and their support for a peaceful resolution in the peace process may not last much longer.

Many Yemenis are discontent with the Houthis using the country as a platform for Iran’s proxy war against various countries in the region, including Israel and the US. Al-Mahrami warned that the Houthi hostilities towards the armed forces, recruitment of fighters, and targeting of commercial ships jeopardize peaceful efforts and could escalate the situation.

He also criticized the surge in smuggling Iranian weapons to the Houthis, violating previous agreements and hindering peace initiatives in Yemen.

The Yemeni vice president has called on the United Nations and the international community to acknowledge the seriousness of the Houthi militias in seeking peace and to apply pressure on them in any future settlement, according to the Al-Ain article.

Why are the comments significant?

The significance lies in the fact that the Houthis have been able to carry out attacks without repercussions, causing immense harm to Yemen. Despite being a poverty-stricken nation, Yemen is being exploited by Iran for its own agenda rather than aiding in its development and stability.

Countries like the UAE and Saudi Arabia have supported peace initiatives following years of conflict initiated by the Houthi group in 2015. Now, there is growing discontent among Yemenis towards the negative influence of the Houthis on the country.