Yemen’s Houthis Announce Responsibility for 10 Attacks on Israel and 20 on Ships in Four-Month Span

The Houthis claim they attacked Israel ten times since October, and targeted 20 ships in the Red Sea, Al-Masirah reported. The attacks include targeting the M/V Marlin Luanda with an anti-ship ballistic missile and the USS Carney, a US naval warship. US Central Command said they struck an anti-ship missile that the Houthis were preparing to launch. The Houthis also claim they have launched new attacks on US and UK ships, calling it “direct engagement” and suggesting they are escalating attacks.

The US and UK have carried out multiple airstrikes on the Houthis to try to stop their attacks on shipping. An attack on Friday caused a fire on a ship, illustrating the danger posed by the Houthis. They also claimed to have targeted Eilat ten times since October 31, destroying it with drones, and targeting the ship MSC United with a naval missile in support of the Palestinian people.

After the attacks on Israel, the Houthis claim to have shifted their targets to commercial ships, prompting many companies to change their shipping routes to avoid the Red Sea. The Yemeni armed forces claim to have carried out 16 naval operations targeting 20 ships from November 2023 to January 2024.

The latest claims illustrate that the Iranian-backed group is not deterred, has increased its attacks, and continues to target the US Navy and other ships.